One strand of our research involves developing and evaluating interventions for phonological awareness and literacy to add to the evidence base for clinicians and educators. Current work includes:


Chrissy Kelly (2016) Cracking the Code: An effectiveness study

This MPhil study evaluated the effectiveness of a classroom based programme targeting phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge in children aged 4-5 years

The full thesis is available at:

And a published paper on this work is available here:


Antonette Seiler (2016) The effectiveness of a computer-supported intervention targeting phonological recoding and orthographic processing for children with word reading impairment

Toni’s PhD research aimed to develop and evaluate an intervention that specifically targets phonological recoding and orthographic processing (a decoding intervention) for children with persistent word-reading impairment.

The full thesis is available at:

And published papers on this work are available here:


Access to the app which was developed and evaluated in the research is freely available from:


Katrina Kelso (2015-) Effective intervention for “poor comprehenders” in the middle-upper primary years

A previous paper on this programme of research is available at

Katrina is extending this work in her PhD study which should be completed by the end of 2019.

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