LANGUAGE AND LITERACY IN YOUNG PEOPLE is investigating SLCN and HRQOL as well as DLD and mental health.


The term Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) refers to the full range of communication difficulties, including difficulties with hearing, language, speech, voice, stuttering, and pragmatics. The impact of any given communication difficulty on an individual is dependent on their own context, however the presence of SLCN increases the risk that an individual will have a reduced Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL)


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Current HDR projects include:


Robert Wells (2017-) Barriers and Facilitators of Access to Paediatric Speech Pathology Services

Tina Kilpatrick (2016-) Social, Emotional and Mental Health Outcomes for Adolescents with DLD: An Exploration of Risk and Protective Factors

Elizabeth Hill (2015 -) Understanding Cognitive and Psychosocial Correlates of  Spoken Discourse in Adolescents with and without Acquired Brain Injury

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