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Language and Literacy in Young People on YouTube

You can get follow LaLYP on YouTube to get video updates, video abstracts, and video versions of the Reflections podcast.

Reflections Podcast videos

Episode 4: Emily Dawes & Katrina Kelso

In this episode of Reflections, Emily Dawes and Katrina Kelso chat about their research. Emily Dawes has completed her PhD, which looked at oral inferential comprehension in children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Emily also has ample experience working clinically with children with DLD and supports teachers in a specialist education context. Katrina Kelso has worked extensively as a clinician in private practice, and is currently completing her PhD. Katrina's project focuses on effective intervention for "poor comprehenders" in middle to upper primary.

Episode 3: Samuel Calder & Laura Glisson

In this episode of Reflections, Samuel Calder and Laura Glisson chat about their research. Sam Calder is undertaking a PhD, looking at the efficacy of an explicit grammar intervention for young children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). In addition, Sam works closely with children with Developmental Language Disorder and speech sound disorders in a one-on-one clinical context and in a capacity building role, supporting teachers in a specialist educational context. Laura Glisson is a speech pathologist working in school-aged language and literacy, predominantly, with children who have DLD and/or specific learning disorders. She completed her Master's by research in 2017; Laura designed a manualised oral narrative intervention program, and measured its efficacy with school-aged children with narrative delay.

Episode 2: Lizz Hill & Robert Wells

In this episode of Reflections, Lizz Hill and Robert Wells chat about their research. Lizz Hill is finalising her PhD, which looks at cognitive and psychosocial factors that are linked to discourse-level language skills for adolescents with and without acquired brain injury. She also works clinically in private practice with adolescents with language and literacy difficulties. Robert Wells is currently undertaking a PhD examining access to speech pathology services. He also works in a specialist education setting for young children with Developmental Language Disorder.

Episode 1: Emily Jackson and Chrissy Kelly

In the first episode of Reflections by LaLYP (Ep. 1), you will hear from Emily Jackson (PhD Candidate) and Chrissy Kelly (MPhil) about their research.

Introduction to the Reflections Podcast

Welcome to Reflections! We are Language and Literacy in Young People (LaLYP). We are a group of researchers, academics, and clinicians who are a united by a common aim to contribute to evidence-based practice for speech pathologists and educators. We aim to support children and young people, their families, carers, and communities. Reflections is part of our endeavours to make our research findings available through a regular series of video interviews and podcasts.

We hope you enjoy our Reflections. Please contact us with any feedback or questions. Thanks, The LaLYP team.

Video Abstracts

VIDEO ABSTRACT:  A profile of the language and cognitive skills contributing to oral inferential comprehension in young children with developmental language disorder.

Emily and Suze discuss their findings - Read more at doi:10.1111/1460-6984.12427

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